EASCAY is the working title of a project dedicated to the development of a versatile lightweight material. This technology is still under development and is not in production yet. We are open to any kind of cooperation or exchange of ideas.

Hexagonal perforated sheet metal is folded to form a three-dimensional shape. The flat and rigid starting material gets new properties like flexibility and can be curved along several axes. The material can be stacked and fixed by a covering skin. Compared to honeycomb cores it has advantages in surface area at the glued connection, good ventilation and 3d-shapeability.

According to the requirements the folded support structure can be supplemented with bend-resistant top layers, membrane layers and chained pressure-proof core layers. This modular sandwich material system allows you to adapt to different tasks and products. The continuous open cell construction allows the use as a functional material.

  • Free-form building elements
  • Lightweight honeycomb panel
  • Shock-absorbing structure / Vibration-damping means
  • Scaffold for tissue engineering
  • Curved deformation sensor
  • Flexible Electronics and Soft robotics

If you have any questions or queries, please contact us at the address below.